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Infinity Publishing was set up to produce longer fiction than a Fast Return can comfortably hold as well as audio books, plays and videos

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Time Bullet
Dimensions - A Choose Your Own Adventure
Two terrorists attempt to gain entry to Gallifrey by force. The Doctor is called home to stop them, but can even he save his race from extinction?
The TARDIS materialises on Earth ripped out of the time vortex by an immense force. What will you do? As the Fifth Doctor you must race against time to thwart an unknown enemy.
Paperback - Price: £1.30 (45p P&P UK)
Paperback - Price: £1.30 (45p P&P UK)
The Ultra Celestials Loaded Dice
Can the Doctor save the Earth from an alien race with the power to alter their very molecules? Featuring the Seventh Doctor It should have been a simple operation to fix the console, but when the Doctor and Ace are haunted by an apparition it is only the beginning of an adventure that will put them to the ultimate test
Paperback Price: 1.30 (45p P&P in UK) Paperback Price: 1.30 (45p P&P in UK)
Return of a Timelord Link
Where is the Doctor? As the colony world of Scholak III plays host to murder and greed the Doctor is living as colonist Wilby Yohan. Can he find himself before death finds him? A simple rescue mission turns disaster when the TARDIS has landed on Sivariol and something has latched itself onto the Doctor's ship...
Paperback - Price: £1.30 (45p P&P in UK) Paperback - Price £1.30 (45p P&P in UK)
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Fast Return Audiobooks Vol. 1 Fourth Dimension Lords - The First Five Years
Stories from Fast Return including Rebirth of a Splinter the prequel to: Return of a Timelord A visual feast of events and displays the club has participated in during its first five years
Cassette - Price: £1.50 (45p P&P UK) VHS Video Tape - Price: £5 (£1.50 P&P UK)